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New to profession, role or community? Join the Surrey Teacher Mentorship Program!

Co-sponsored by the Surrey Teachers’ Association and School District 36.

What you said…

Almost 100 Surrey teachers shared their thoughts and ideas around what an ideal mentorship program would look like for them at our Sept 19th dinner. Out of that dialogue, we have crafted this year’s mentorship program. Throughout the year, we will be seeking feedback and evolving our program design.

What it looks like this year….

This year the mentorship program will be a cohort model, matching teams of mentors with small cohorts of new teachers grouped according to prior relationships, proximity, similar teaching loads and area of interests. Release time will be provided for cohorts to meet and to explore practice through opportunities such as lesson study and observation. There will be space for flexibility and responsiveness according to each cohort’s unique composition and learner needs.

Cohorts will have the option of continuing to work together for a second year.

Each cohort will be led by a team of three mentors who in turn will work directly with the Mentorship Helping teacher and design team. Release time will be provided for mentors to develop skills specific to mentorship and leadership that will transfer to other contexts. As well, mentors will have support and time to collaboratively design their cohort learning sessions.

If you are interested in joining our community of learners as either a mentor or a teacher new to professional, role or community, please click here.

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