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How often will we meet as a big group?
There are three structured meetings scheduled throughout the year for you to connect and learn with colleagues in your Family of Schools.  Go to Program Overview page for more detailed information.
October – “Family Meeting” to discuss roles & responsibilities, Mentor 36, resources & funding
January  – “Family Connection” to define a learning focus for your Family of Schools
February/March/April – “Deep Learning” to share and celebrate each other’s progress around your learning focus
How will I be supported in my professional learning?
Mentors and Mentees from the same school (or the same Family of Schools) will be given opportunities to engage in collaborative learning, such as co-planning, co-teaching, and observing each other’s practice.
I have a friend who is a new teacher. Can they still join?
Absolutely! New teachers can join at anytime (space permitting). Just have them go to the Mentor36 website and sign up and we will contact them.
Is release time provide?
Yes, release time is provided.
Who is in charge of the mentorship program?
The mentorship program is a joint initiative between the STA and the district and is under Gloria Sarmento’s portfolio (Director of Instruction – Building Professional Capacity). A mentorship helping teacher coordinates the mentorship program, while collaborating and being advised by a joint mentorship advisory team
I have more questions. Who do I ask?
You can ask your mentors, or call the mentorship helping teacher at 604-595-6392.
Who is the administrative support at the STA and SD36?
Find out who provides administrative support.


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