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Responsibilities (Secondary Mentor-Leaders)

Mentor-Leaders will be asked to:

  • Collaborate with their school team to provide 4 dimensions of support for early career teachers:
    • pedagogical support
    • environmental orientation
    • community belonging
    • emotional support
  • Demonstrate a commitment to use a strengths-based approach to build their site-based mentorship program
  • Help mentors and mentees build a safe and trusting mentoring relationship
  • Meet regularly with mentors and mentees at your school
  • Coordinate and/or facilitate opportunities for mentors and mentees to engage in active learning (e.g. lesson study, co-planning, co-teaching, classroom observations, etc.)
  • Participate as desired in mentor learning sessions and coaching workshops
  • Work with the district-based mentorship helping teacher
  • Provide formative feedback to the Mentor 36 program both anonymously and through facilitated group discussions
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